Turning your battle-weary marriage into a spiritual practice by finding your truth,
in the name of love.

Are you caught in the struggles of a battle-weary marriage?

See how many of these can you say 'yes' to:

Are you caught in the struggles of a battle-weary marriage?

See how many of these can you say 'yes' to:

✔ I've tried everything to fix my marriage but nothing's working.
✔ I'm constantly tiptoeing around issues.

✔ Our arguments spiral out of control quickly.

✔ I'm clinging to hope that my husband will go to therapy with me.

✔ I'm struggling with depression and anxiety.

✔ I secretly think I'm the reason our marriage is failing.

✔ We fight in front of our kids.

✔ I'm numbing the pain by overindulgence in alcohol, food, exercise, shopping, or smoking.

✔ I'm thinking about leaving my husband.

If you've answered 'yes' to most of these questions, then let's talk.

It's a sign that you're caught in the struggles of a battle-weary marriage.

I understand the pain of a battle-weary marriage.

• You don't know how your marriage got to this point.

• Both of you are miserable.

• Your children know something is wrong.

• If you knew what to do to fix things, you would.

• There's not much hope left.

Take it from an attorney, divorce mediator and relationship restart coach, who's been a

battle-weary wife... there is hope.

I can help you find the 'what' behind the 'why' that turned your happy-ever-after marriage into a battle-weary mess by understanding the seven relationship saboteurs.

I know how to help you restore peace and balance within yourself through this amazing technique I developed called — Stop, Drop, and Roll, Baby!

I can help you turn your battle-weary marriage into a spiritual practice by finding your truth in the name of love so you can decide either to:

1. Stay in your marriage and thrive.

2. Divorce with dignity and respect outside the adversarial system.

It's time to end the silent suffering and break free from the coping mechanisms you're using to numb your pain.

Lets have a heart-to-heart.

Schedule a free consultation with me today.

I'm here to:

✔ Help battle-weary wives with children who are struggling in their marriages with husbands refusing to go to therapy figure out what's going on.

And ...

✔ Help battle-weary couples grappling with the strains of a battle-weary marriage decide what they want to do. For those who want to stay together, I help them thrive. For those that don't, I help them divorce with dignity and respect outside of the adversarial system.



"Before working with Veronica my husband and I had spoken to other relationship therapists and did “talk” therapy. At the conclusion of each session we walked away with little insight and rarely forward momentum. After working with Veronica, I see that we are going deeper and hitting the crux of our challenges. Our sessions are practical and we have had positive impact and we’ve made true progress. Veronica helped us identify the unsustainable patterns that we unknowingly got ourselves stuck in and had been causing us very uneven happiness and closeness. After nearly 20 years of marriage, we have hope and look forward to our next 20 years."


"On the brink of divorce, we had tried therapy and it didn’t work. Our marriage was a roller coaster and I felt emotionally drained every day. When I got pregnant I had to do something because I didn’t want to bring my baby into our hot mess. Veronica diagnosed was was going on in our first session! My husband and I have helped each other heal so much in our sessions with Veronica. We are a team now and it feels so good to have our son being born into a peaceful home."


"As a result of working with Veronica, I live in peace without anxiety or panic. I love where I live, and I work out and have taken pride in the healthy meals I prepare for myself. Veronica is the only person who has helped me achieve any lasting results. It’s been nearly 2 years since our first session and I am feeling so stable and at-peace. I cannot recommend her enough, as she changed my life."


"My marriage was in shambles and I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I was desperate for a solution that didn't involve medication. My husband refused to go to therapy with me, which left me feeling hopeless. We were constantly fighting and didn't know how to break the cycle. Since Veronica came into my life, my family is in a much better place. I no longer take my husband's behavior personally, and we're able to enjoy each other's company. I hear my kids giggle every day, and it fills me with joy. I'm forever grateful for Veronica's guidance and support."


"Veronica's approach was unique: she aimed to assist 'conscious couples' like us who wanted a harmonious, child-focused resolution. We found her process educational and empowering; she shattered our notion that divorce has to be a battlefield. Her skillful facilitation accommodated our hectic lives, making continuous progress seem effortless."


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