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Veronica's Journey: From Purpose to Practice

From a young age, I knew my life would be one of purpose and service.   After high school, I pursued my passion for business at St. Mary’s University, graduating cum laude with a concentration in human resource management.

Building on this foundation, I earned my Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Florida Coastal School of Law.   I am a practicing non-litigating licensed attorney and a Supreme Court Certified Florida Family Law Mediator.

I specialize in helping battle-weary wives and couples stay together and thrive or uncouple and dissolve their marriages with dignity and respect.  

As a divorce and mediation coach, I support individuals from all walks of life through every facet of their journey.

And as a family and relationship coach, I help wives restore ruptures in their relationships while supporting their recovery from anxiety and depression.  

My Aha Moment

(excerpt from my book)

My aha moment didn’t come until years after our daughter was born.


Kara was just four years old when she came to me with tears in her eyes, pleading:

  Mommy, please stop. You and daddy fight all the time!

  Oh. My. Heavens!

I was shocked beyond words and mortified to my core. I cannot tell you how much shame and guilt I felt at that moment. Perhaps, you know dear reader.


Despite our best efforts to fight in private, she knew what was happening. And now needed me to make it stop.


I felt like such a failure as a mother!


Mothers are supposed to protect their children. They’re supposed to provide a safe place for them to thrive, a nurturing environment to feel loved, and a harmonious home in which to live.


I hadn’t.


Worse still, my self-absorbed, needy self hadn’t provided the one thing Kara needed most— peace.


Writing this makes me cringe. Yet, ladies, if you’re reading this book, I know you understand what it was like for me.

We don’t mean to cause our children pain. Yet, if we aren’t dealing with our pain, inevitably, it spills out onto our children. Even if we go out to our vehicles to fight with our spouses or put smiles on our faces and only speak pleasantries when our children are around — they know.

Children pick up on everything that goes on between their parents.

As I hugged Kara to me, I vowed to figure out what was happening in our marriage and fix it.


Little did I know that what needed fixing was me. 

The Technique

that Saved My Marriage

(excerpt from my book)

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Do you recall the simple fire safety technique taught to children to minimize damage if their clothing catches on fire — stop, drop, and roll?

They’re told to stop, ceasing any movement that fans the flames. Then drop to the ground and cover their faces with their hands to avoid injury. Finally, they’re to roll on the ground or wrap themselves up with a rug to deprive the fire of oxygen, thus extinguishing the flames.

Well, that works when couples are on fire, too.

The minute I pledged that I’d figure out what was going on and turn things around, I decided to:

1.     Stop contributing to the fighting. Stop one-upping my husband. And stop escalating the arguments.

2.     Drop my neediness to avoid further injury when Shahriar distanced himself.

3.     Roll me in inner wholeness to deprive our arguments of oxygen.

That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well, I know you’re chuckling with me, it was easier said than done.

Fortified with the image of Kara’s tear-streaked face and the echo of her mournful pleading, I did it.


Much to Shahriar’s surprise — and mine, too — I fought with him less. I reduced my salvo of needy behaviors while learning techniques to strengthen my inner wholeness.

Dear reader, I’d love to tell you this was an easy thing to do. But it wasn’t. And you deserve to know that.

There were many, many times that I didn’t stop. Didn’t drop. Didn’t roll. When I would be triggered, revert to my codependent self, and fall back down the rabbit hole.

But, after a good cry, I’d pick myself up and stop, drop, and roll again.

Every time I felt like giving up and throwing in the towel, I reminded myself why I was doing this — not just for Kara and my marriage. But to save me.



I’m the author of How to Stay Married by a Divorce Attorney: Before You Throw in the Towel and teach my signature Stop, Drop, and Roll, Baby! ™ Technique in monthly retreats for battle-weary wives and couples.

Along with my eye-opening Seven Relationship Saboteurs Program, I’ve helped hundreds of wives and couples understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of their marriage strife and begin the healing necessary to transform their marriage from battle-weary to thriving strong.  

Today, I live my purpose-filled life in Florida with my husband Shahriar, our wise old-soul daughter Kara, and our two dignified dogs, William and Mary, who bring joy and companionship to our home.


I’m a licensed Florida Attorney, Florida Supreme Court Family Law Mediator, Certified Happiness Trainer, Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, Relational Life Therapy Coach, and board-certified Health and Wellness Coach.



"Before working with Veronica my husband and I had spoken to other relationship therapists and did “talk” therapy. At the conclusion of each session we walked away with little insight and rarely forward momentum. After working with Veronica, I see that we are going deeper and hitting the crux of our challenges. Our sessions are practical and we have had positive impact and we’ve made true progress. Veronica helped us identify the unsustainable patterns that we unknowingly got ourselves stuck in and had been causing us very uneven happiness and closeness. After nearly 20 years of marriage, we have hope and look forward to our next 20 years."


"On the brink of divorce, we had tried therapy and it didn’t work. Our marriage was a roller coaster and I felt emotionally drained every day. When I got pregnant I had to do something because I didn’t want to bring my baby into our hot mess. Veronica diagnosed was was going on in our first session! My husband and I have helped each other heal so much in our sessions with Veronica. We are a team now and it feels so good to have our son being born into a peaceful home."


"As a result of working with Veronica, I live in peace without anxiety or panic. I love where I live, and I work out and have taken pride in the healthy meals I prepare for myself. Veronica is the only person who has helped me achieve any lasting results. It’s been nearly 2 years since our first session and I am feeling so stable and at-peace. I cannot recommend her enough, as she changed my life."


"My marriage was in shambles and I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I was desperate for a solution that didn't involve medication. My husband refused to go to therapy with me, which left me feeling hopeless. We were constantly fighting and didn't know how to break the cycle. Since Veronica came into my life, my family is in a much better place. I no longer take my husband's behavior personally, and we're able to enjoy each other's company. I hear my kids giggle every day, and it fills me with joy. I'm forever grateful for Veronica's guidance and support."


"Veronica's approach was unique: she aimed to assist 'conscious couples' like us who wanted a harmonious, child-focused resolution. We found her process educational and empowering; she shattered our notion that divorce has to be a battlefield. Her skillful facilitation accommodated our hectic lives, making continuous progress seem effortless."


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