Veronica L. Nabizadeh

My Purpose

  • I empower battle-weary couples to either reignite their marriage as a sacred practice or part ways gracefully, sidestepping the adversarial nightmare.

  • For wives with kids and resistant husbands, I guide them from toxic chaos to a thriving peaceful marriage and loving home life.

  • For conscious couples seeking to dissolve the legal ties of marriage, I offer a pathway of great regard and grace, steering clear of the inherently adversarial nature of standard legal processes.

  • In the legal arena, I equip family lawyers, mediators, and parenting coordinators with vital tools to serve battle-weary families who are navigating the most vulnerable period of their lives, ensuring families can move forward in a manner that serves humanity.

  • I coach legal professionals on transforming dispute-driven processes into relational and rational resolutions that prioritize the well-being of children and families.

Who I Work Best With

From Inner or Outer Battles to Peaceful Bonds

If you're a married woman feeling cornered in a turbulent relationship, you're in the right place. Don't lose hope even if your husband is reluctant to seek help; I've mastered the art of transforming marriages, one empowered wife at a time.

Or perhaps you and your partner are both battle-scarred, caught in an endless loop of power struggles. If divorce looms large yet you cling to a sliver of hope, let's harness that to turn things around. I've walked this path and found a way to rekindle love.

For legal professionals serving families in crisis, your role is crucial. If you're committed to offering more than just legal advice, I provide the coaching and tools to transform your practice, enabling you to guide families toward healthier, happier futures.


From Desperation to Revelation: The Wake-Up Call No Parent Wants

Let's get real. Even though I am the author of "How to Stay Married by a Divorce Attorney", a Florida-Licensed attorney, and a Supreme Court-certified family law mediator, It was me who was about to throw in the towel!

My marriage felt like an endless game of emotional tug-of-war, each day more draining than the last. But then my 4-year-old daughter turned to me and begged, “Mommy, make it stop.” That was my "wake up call”. I couldn’t believe that my husband and I were unknowingly creating a toxic environment for our daughter! I asked myself the big questions: Is it possible to have a peaceful, thriving marriage with my husband and Can I have a harmonious family home life for our daughter?


The Game-Changer: Betting on Ourselves to Rewrite Our Story

So here I was, caught in this agonizing dilemma: continue living in marital strife or face the daunting idea of divorce and tearing my family apart. Let me tell you, neither felt right. But for the love of my daughter, something had to give. Despite my husband's resistance to airing our dirty laundry, I bet on us—I doubled down and invested in a $7,000 marriage bootcamp. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. The arguments dwindled, love found its way back, and we laid the foundation for a healthier family life.

Fast-forward to today: Our daughter has grown into a 13-year-old powerhouse, overflowing with confidence and self-love, all because we took the audacious step to invest in our future. How about you, are you ready to bet on yourself? We've just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.

The Victory Lap: From Marriage Mayhem to Family Bliss

Here's the kicker: I didn't just stop at salvaging my marriage; I upleveled my game. Trained by renowned family therapist Terry Real, I transformed from a battle-weary wife into a relationship virtuoso.

My husband? He went from being my biggest adversary and skeptic to my biggest supporter of the work I do today. Most importantly, we've created a nurturing haven for our rockstar daughter.

This personal revolution is what fuels my passion to guide other worn-out battle-weary couples — and especially battle-weary wives with resistant husbands, — from a place of strife to a life they love.

So, What's your next chapter going to be?


"As a result of working with Veronica, I live in peace without anxiety or panic. I love where I live, and I work out and have taken pride in the healthy meals I prepare for myself. Veronica is the only person who has helped me achieve any lasting results. It’s been nearly 2 years since our first session and I am feeling so stable and at-peace. I cannot recommend her enough, as she changed my life."

- Happy Client

"My marriage was in shambles and I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I was desperate for a solution that didn't involve medication. My husband refused to go to therapy with me, which left me feeling hopeless. We were constantly fighting and didn't know how to break the cycle. Since Veronica came into my life, my family is in a much better place. I no longer take my husband's behavior personally, and we're able to enjoy each other's company. I hear my kids giggle every day, and it fills me with joy. I'm forever grateful for Veronica's guidance and support."

- Forever Grateful

On the brink of divorce, we had tried therapy and it didn’t work. Our marriage was a roller coaster and I felt emotionally drained every day. When I got pregnant I had to do something because I didn’t want to bring my baby into our hot mess. Veronica diagnosed was was going on in our first session! My husband and I have helped each other heal so much in our sessions with Veronica. We are a team now and it feels so good to have our son being born into a peaceful home.

- Happy Couple


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