How To Stay Married by a Divorce Attorney


How to Stay Married by a Divorce Attorney could have easily been called: How to Stay Married and Be Happy Without Your Husband’s Support!

While my husband encouraged me to get help and figure out what was wrong with me, he was adamant about not doing so for himself. He dug his heels in the ground about participating in couple’s therapy.

Many wives are in the same boat that I was. They know there’s something wrong and are desperately searching for answers. They’re depressed, anxious and do unhealthy things to numb themselves. They’re embarrassed to be in an unhappy marriage and exhausted from pretending otherwise. They frequently think about giving up and throwing in the towel and wonder if their marriage can or even should be saved.

Above all else, they want their husbands to work with them to save their relationship. They want to figure out what went wrong together and strategize a way forward. Together. They don’t want to go to therapy by themselves, don’t want to feel alone in their marriage, and don’t want to give up. Yet.

What do you do when you love your husband and hate the situation that you are in? When your spouse thinks you have the problem and doesn’t see a ‘we’ in saving your marriage?

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  • If you’re a battle-weary wife desperately seeking answers about what you can do to save your marriage, this book is for you.

  • If you’re curious about spiritual growth and the role it plays in your marriage, you’ll enjoy the insights this book illuminates.

  • If you need help figuring out the best decision for you — to stay married or get a divorce — this book will help you decide.

  • If you are a battle-weary wife and want to be happy and save your family from divorce, with or without the support of your husband, this book is your new best friend!

What You'll Get Out of This Book:

How to Stay Married by a Divorce Attorney is an inspirational guidebook for wives whose husbands refuse to go to therapy or take responsibility for anything going wrong in their marriage. It is a much-needed beacon of hope for battle-weary women who desperately want to figure out what’s happening and decide what to do.

For those wives who choose to stay, my book offers tools and techniques to support their decision and empower their growth. For those who prefer to uncouple, my book shows them how to do so with dignity and grace outside the adversarial system.

Above all else, this book encourages battle-weary wives to find their truth in the name of love.

Pick up my book for help and finish reading with answers.

Excerpt from How to Stay Married by a Divorce Attorney:

Shahriar and I had a whirlwind romance. And two months after our first date, I said, “Yes!” He was relieved. I was ecstatic — we couldn't wait to start our life together.

Seven months later, we tied the knot.

During the seven months leading up to our marriage, unlike other couples fraught with tension and overwhelmed with wedding plans, we weren’t. Filled with love and joy, it was one of the sweetest times of our courtship.

However, Shahriar had one request for me:

“Veronica, I’d like to keep our engagement a secret for now?”


“I know this might sound strange, but I want to make sure my parents are the first to know.”

Shahriar’s parents were back in Iran then and weren’t expected to return to Jacksonville for six months.

“Couldn’t you just call them?”

“I’d rather wait until they return and tell them in person,” he said.

When Shahriar’s older brothers got married, he was a child living in Iran with his parents. Both had come to the US to study at university. They met their wives here and married.

“Since my parents couldn’t travel outside of Iran due to the war, my brothers had to tell them about their engagements over the phone,” he explained.

“My mother was so heartbroken she wouldn’t be a part of their special day that I’d hear her cry herself to sleep for months.”

I completely understood Shahriar’s reasons and felt proud to be with a man who wanted to honor his parents, so I didn’t tell my parents, either.

(This should have been my first red flag.)

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